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Post  Jason on Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:30 am


Name: Furio Tigre
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Job: Loan shark


Eyes: brown (his eyes in the official art are just black dots)
Hair: black
Body Type: husky
Mannerisms/Gestures: often sticks tongue out after saying something.
Clothing and apparel: bright orange suit with a tiger biting a dragon on the front
Other appearance: hair is spikey like Phoenix's


Fears: the tiger fears no one! except Bruno.
Wants: money
Likes: money
Dislikes: deadbeats and lawyers
Goals: to be filthy stinking rich
Flaws: often slips up when trying to cover something up
Secrets: none
How does your character react in extreme circumstances?: GWOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!, or tugs on shirt
How does your character regard themselves?: A big time loan shark who is untouchable by the law.
What is your character's personal philosophy?: Win through compromise
Personality in general: Very aggressive. Easily gets mad if he thinks someone is saying something bad about him
and if something happens to his stuff he blames it on the 1st person he sees.


A summary of your character's canonical past: Always a loan shark. He named his buisness "Tender Lenders". At one point he got in trouble after he was in an accident with Viola Cadaverini (granddaughter of Bruto Cadaverini) which severely injured her, and was forced by Bruto to pay her medical bills.
When Glen Elg (who had borrowed $100,000 from him) came up with a computer virus worth far more than his debt, Furio killed him so he could get the CD of the virus. With the help of Jean Armstrong (who also owed money to him) he set up Maggey Byrde to take the fall, and went as far as to impersonate Phoenix to make sure she was convicted. Ultimately Phoenix got him convicted of Glen's murder.
Best thing to ever happen to your character: nothing
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: getting convicted of murder
What past interactions has your character had with canon characters?: Forced Jean to cooperate in his murder plot.
Made Viola think he cared about her when he didn't, and involved her in the murder plot.
Was tamed by Godot
Scares the crap out of Maya and the Judge


Sexual orientation: straight
Single or taken?: single
Is your character in love?: no


1: pufferfish
2: pig
3: pineapple


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