Claiming Plum Kitaki

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Claiming Plum Kitaki

Post  Wocky Kitaki on Sat Jan 30, 2010 2:52 pm


Name: Plum Kitaki (aka 'Little Plum')
Age: 41
Gender: Female
Job: Housewife


Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Body Type: Tall and husky
Mannerisms/Gestures: Plum has a big voice, so she can be quite intimidating to some when she speaks at times. When she's happy she laughs heartily, and when she's worried or nervous she blows a stray strand of hair on her head and put her hand to her cheek.
Clothing and apparel: She wears a traditional looking black kimono with plum blossoms and a nine-tailed fox printed on it and wears sandals.
Other appearance: Plum's hair is pinned up in the traditional Japanese style, having a very elaborate looking bun. She also has a broom, which also happens to contain a katana hidden inside.


Fears: Something bad happening to her husband and son.
Wants: Plum wants Wocky to grow up to be a responsible young man, which she tries to instill in him every day, but alas, he doesn't always listen.
Likes: Cooking, gardening, shopping,
Dislikes: Anyone who messes with her family, the Rivales family, bugs
Goals: To be the best wife and mother she can, and to keep Wocky and Winfred in check.
Flaws: She can be very headstrong and has a bit of a temper (Like mother like son). If you make her angry, you're gonna have to answer to her 'broom katana'.
Secrets: Plum really likes romance novels, but she doesn't want anyone to know it for some reason.
Personality in general: Plum is generally a very cheerful and friendly woman, always being helpful to everyone around her. However, as stated above, she has a temper and is quick to anger at times.


A summary of your character's canonical past: Plum is the wife of the 4th boss of the Kitaki clan, Winfred 'Big Wins' Kitaki and the mother of Wocky Kitaki. She looks after the mansion, cooking for and cleaning up after them (Even though she tries to tell them to do it themselves, but they don't listen), and is Wocky's primary disciplinarian and caregiver. She spoils him rotten, giving him whatever he wants and when he wants it, but now she's cut back on it some, so she can let him grow up a little.
What has happened in the retconned timeline: Plum has been getting on Wocky about his grades in school lately, and she and her husband are worried that he won't be able to graduate and get his high school diploma. She is also worried about him getting into a fight with members of the Rivales family.
Information about character's family: Winfred Kitaki (Husband), Wocky Kitaki (Son)
Best thing to ever happen to your character: When she married Winfred and when she had Wocky (At the tender age of 23, no less)
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: When Wocky tee-peed an old woman's house (Wendy Oldbag??) and it made her feel so ashamed of her son that he would do something like that.


Sexual orientation: Straight
Single or taken?: Taken. She's married to Winfred.
Is your character in love?: Yes
If so, is that love requited?: Of course :3
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