Claiming Wocky Kitaki

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Claiming Wocky Kitaki

Post  neko on Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:47 am

((nekonohime here. Here's my tryout for Wocky. Hope you like it. Very Happy ))


Name: Wocky Kitaki
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Job: None, but he is a senior in high school (12th grade)


Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Body Type: Tall and lean but slightly chubby
Mannerisms/Gestures: He tends to move his hands a lot when he talks and walks with a swagger to keep up with his 'gangsta' image. He also twirls his hair when nervous or embarrassed.
Clothing and apparel: Wocky sports a fluorescent pink and yellow over-sized jacket with foxes and arrows printed on the front and another fox printed on the back. His t-shirt is white with the image of the 'Bad Blue Badger' on the front with '$10' written underneath him, possibly claiming he is wanted for that amount. Finally he wears baggy jeans and black sneakers.
Other appearance: His hair is styled to look like a fox; the fringe in the front is dyed blonde to look like the ears of a fox, and his orange quiff looks like a fox's tail. He also has 2 whisker-like marks on his cheeks, futher accenting his fox-like motif.


Fears: His mother's 'broom katana'.
Wants: To be the biggest, baddest 'O.G.' he can possibly be.
Likes: Being 'gangsta', hip-hop/rap music, walking the streets and showing off his 'bad' self
Dislikes: Being tied down by authority, the Rivales family,
Goals: To someday take over his father's position as the family head and run things 'Wocky style'.
Flaws: Wocky is very impatient and impulsive, causing him to get into some serious trouble at times because of it. He is also a bit too forward with the ladies and tends to scare them away with this and his connections to the mob. He is also very naive and careless and still has a lot to learn about these issues and many more.
Secrets: He has stuffed animals in his room (Including the Blue Badger and, of course, foxes)
Personality in general: Wocky is very immature and brash, and likes to get into fights to up his so called 'street cred'. He also isn't afraid to disobey authority and because of this, he gets himself and sometimes others into trouble because of it. When he sees pretty girls, he acts very chivalrous towards them, showering them with gifts, flattering them and basically letting them walk all over him, doing whatever they tell him to do.


A summary of your character's canonical past: Wocky is the only son of the 4th boss of the Kitaki clan, Winfred 'Big Wins' Kitaki and his wife, 'Little' Plum Kitaki. Since living in a gangster family, Wocky grew up learning the lifestyle and has pretty much made him think he really is one, even though his parents say he would never truly take a life.
What has happened in the retconned timeline: Wocky is currently in his last year of high school, and his parents are afraid that he might not be able to graduate. He's also been having a few tiffs with the Rivales lately, deliberately going onto their turf and basically calling them out.
Information about character's family: Winfred Kitaki (Father), Plum Kitaki (Mother)
Best thing to ever happen to your character: When he finally passed his driving test and got a car, so he could so off his 'pimped out ride'.
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: When his parents found out he tee-peed an old woman's house. He was grounded for a year and his mother gave him a good ol' whuppin' with her broom.


Sexual orientation: Straight
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: No
If so, is that love requited?: N/A


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Re: Claiming Wocky Kitaki

Post  neko on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:09 am

((Oops. After looking through the tryouts, I realized I forgot to put the passwords. I read the rules too, btw.))



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Re: Claiming Wocky Kitaki

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:49 pm

I love it! Looks great. 8D You're accepted!
Please email me at or message me on Court Records so I can give you the password to the account. <3

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Re: Claiming Wocky Kitaki

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