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Claiming Dahlia

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Name: Dahlia Hawthorne
A.K.A: Melissa Foster, Dolly, Iris, Chinami Miyanagi, Satoko Mukui, Chi-Chan, Dahlia Plantule, Teen Angel and Dolores Willow
Age: (25 when deceased)
Gender: Female
Siblings: Twin sister (Iris), Step Sister (Valerie) and half sister (Pearl).
Job:Murderess. She was a literature student at Ivy University before being in jail and later executed.
Perminately retired. - Dahlia in the bridge to turnabout.


Eyes: Wide glistening hazel eyes.
Hair: Long red and some of it braided around the front of her head like a tiara.
Body Type: Slender and small.
Mannerisms/Gestures: Always carrying her parasol around her. Wears a necklace around her neck that contains poison and occasionally flicks her hair.
Clothing and apparel: A sleeveless white dress with pink patterns on the top. She carries a matching parasol and a pink shawl around her dress. She also wears white sandles with heals on the bottom and butterflies in front.

Nature: On the surface, she is polite and innocent. She's always going around with a smile on her face. However, on the inside, she's desperate for vengeance for the family that let her down. She is an excellent actress and can fake emotions so well, something she inherited from her mother.
Fears: She doesn't show it, but she fears failure.
Wants: She yearns for revenge for the family that let her down. She vows to kill Maya to get revenge on the cousin that caught her.
Likes: Reading, butterflies, clothes, money, poison and luxury.
Dislikes: The dark, spirit channeling, her entire family, getting hung, back stabbers, cowards, failures and stalkers.
Goals: Dahlia's main goal in life was to make her father suffer. Since meeting Phoenix her main goal had been to kill him, hiding the evidence and get away with murder by the help of her twin, Iris.
How does your character regard themselves?: Dahlia likes to think of herself as cute, beautiful and attractive. She knows her sexy-but-innocently-cute acting will get her far. She's the kind of girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. When she knows something good will happen to her, she will take advantage out of it. And milk it out as much as she can.


A summary of your character's canonical past:
Her mother, Morgan Fey was the next in line to being the head of the Fey clan married a rich jeweler named Mr. Hawthorne. They her and Iris in 1993. The family seemed pleased although their parents only used them for power and glory. After the death of their grandmother, Morgan's younger sister became head of the clan due to having more spiritual power. Morgan planned to overthrow Misty Fey with her twin daughters but neither of them had spiritual power: something that Dahlia was grateful for in years to come. Mr. Hawthorne had enough, divorced Morgan and took the girls with them.

He later remarried and left Iris at Harazuka temple, believing two daughters were enough. Dahlia was distraught and detested the Hawthornes ever since. She was disgraced to be apart of their family.

When she was fourteen, she faked a romance with her tutor, Terry Fawles. She managed to persuade him and Valerie to fake a kidnapping. So Fawles "kidnapped" Dahlia and one of her father's jewels. The three of them met up at Dusky Bride where Dahlia intended to take all the money out of the jewel for herself. When Valerie shot Fawles in the arm, Dahlia found it an opportunity to jump into the river, taking the jewel with her. Valerie claimed Fawles pushed her and he was sentenced to death row.

Iris was also part of the plan. Dahlia instructed Iris to save her when she jumped into the river. Having success in making her familly suffer, she felt great. Until five years later, Valerie felt guilty about lying and decided it was time to tell the truth. She had arraged to meet up with Fawles on the same bridge she shot him on. Dahlia stabbed her then hid her in the trunk.

And Fawles was arrested for a genuine murder.

Dahlia teamed up with Egdeworth who made her pose as an innocent bystander named Melissa Foster. Mia Fey, the attorney for the Fawles, not only proved Dahlia's true identity but almost proved she was the killer, but Fawles refused to cooperate. He commited suicide on the stand instead. Fey recalled that Dahlia left the courtroom with a "demonic smile on her face". The trial made Fey's co-worker Diego Armando meet up with her in the cafateria, where Diego would also get posioned.

Dahlia might have been caught if she hadn't had bumped into Phoenix Wright in the library. Using her manufactured elagence she gave the necklass that contained the poison as a love gift. When her boyfriend at the time, Doug Swallow found out about the stolen poison, she was dumped.

Suspicion lingered all over Dahlia after the incident so she asked Iris to pose as her to retake the bottle from Phoenix. Six months and Iris had fallen for Phoenix, but the bottle was still out of Dahlia's hands. Dahlia went back herself and tried to kill Phoenix. Instead she killed her ex-boyfriend and framed Phoenix.

In the court, everyone was fascinated and sucked into her innocence apart from Mia who saw right through her and was able to prove Dahlia as the real killer. She was found guilty and sent to death 5 years later.

Just before she was executed, she was reunited with her mother. But it was anything but a sweet reunion. Morgan told her about a plan to lure her daughter and niece into Harazuka temple. The plan was for a channeled Dahlia to kill Maya and pin the blame on Iris, thus making Pearl head of Kurain.

The plan had failed. Godot killed Dahlia again, Misty sacrificed herself and Iris was convicted for being an accomplice to murder. Dahlia was furious of this failure, she refused to admit it was failure and swore she would kill Maya.

How your character's history affects their personality: Unloving parents and being separated by the twin who adored her left her upset, bitter and when puberty hit, hungry for revenge. Prison left her feeling even more bitter.


Feenie, what a joke you are. Honestly how can any woman count on you for anything.
Are you really that shocked, or do you prefere me this way, Mr Judge?

Godot:...Upon meeting a beautiful lady, always ask for her name and profession. That's one of my rules.
Dahlia: Dahlia Hawthorne. And my current profession? Permanently retired


Sexual orientation: Asexual, but willing to pretend to reach her goal.
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: She's never really got the chance to learn what real love it. Dahlia has pretended to be in love with people to use them for her plans.
If so, is that love requited?:Both times Phoenix and Terry have been in love with her, it was requited.

Roleplay sample
"Iris..." she said flicking her hair. "Can't you see the opportunity we have here? We could be rich. I know you want to get out of here!" She didn't care about Iris whimpering like a baby. She didn't even care if she didn't want to do it. Iris will help her, weather she likes it or not!

1: Pufferfish
2: Pig
3: Pineapple


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Re: Claiming Dahlia

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I love the way you set up the form! Very awesome. Accepted!
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