The Basic Rules--know them or die

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The Basic Rules--know them or die

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:04 pm

This topic is incredibly boring. Sorry. >:C

1. You will respect the mods and admins. Our word goes. Plus, we have an incredible sense of fashion.
2. This is a literate forum and it is expected that you behave accordingly.

This includes:
- Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and general English skills to a reasonable degree. Obviously, we can't help typos.

- Abstaining from commonly made beginner mistakes, including godmoding (controlling other player's characters), powerplaying (having an undefeatable character), Mary-Sues (perfect characters), so on, and so forth.

- Typing an acceptable length. We do not have length requirements here (they're silly!), but it is completely unreasonable to only type one sentence. We strongly suggest at least one paragraph per post, for the sake of moving along the roleplay.

3. We are a fandom-based roleplay. This means that, while there are obvious differences between this forum and an actual game, we should still try to respect the original series. That is to say, please keep all canon characters in-character and try to keep original characters to fit in our lovely PW universe.

4. Respect your other roleplayers. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Be polite and courteous. "Despies," or roleplayers who are desperate for romance, are very much not appreciated.

5. The first word is pufferfish.

6. Igiari! is a mature forum in certain aspects. We have no rules on language, excepting that which would break laws and Igiari!/Forumotion rules. We have minimal rules on gore and violence. It is permitted unless it becomes excessive (and that would require the majority of your posts being cringe-worthy by a mod's standards). We DO, however, request that any gory or disturbing pictures be posted by link only. As for sexual content, it is not permitted in the majority of threads. If you intend to have a roleplay with sexual content, you must create it in a separate thread whose title begins with the tag [M] for mature content. An example would be "[M] Edgeworth's Bedroom." If sexual content comes up in an ongoing thread, all those who intend to participate MUST move to a new thread, appropriately tagged. As with violent pictures, you may only link to tasteful sexually mature images.

It is worth noting that, to comply with U.S law, there should be NO sexual roleplay involving children and adults. And besides...ewwwww!

7. Please do not bump threads. We are a still small forum and we will not have heavy traffic. When we are larger, this may change.

8. Please use the appropriate sections for the appropriate posts. If you are confused about where a thread should go, ask a moderator.

9. Activity is a MUST to maintain this forum. As a result, if you have a canon character, you must post at least once every month, or notify the admins if you will be absent. You will be notified if you are absent for more than a month and put on probation for two months. If you return, you may keep your character, but if you disappear again during your probation, your character will be placed for adoption. If you do not return, your character will be put up for adoption after one week. Extenuating circumstances may result in an exception. Main characters must post at least once every two weeks without notification of absence, but the probation period and length of time after warning will remain the same.

10. You MUST read all stickies to participate in a forum.

11. Because of our forum set-up, it may be hard to tell who is who on which puppet account. Please have one account designated as your main for correspondence purposes (it could be any of them!), and your puppets listed. This should be included in all signatures on all accounts.

This is my main account.
Other accounts:  Amanda Banana Panda, Anonny Moose

This is my puppet.
Other accounts:  Amanda Banana Panda, Miles Edgeworth

We reserve the right to edit any rules at any time. We also reserve the right to remove any post or member without warning. We have suspensions and we will use them! [/size][/align]

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