Trial Rules, Etiquette, and Set-up

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Trial Rules, Etiquette, and Set-up

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:26 pm

We're hoping that the trials will be a large part of the forum. Their set-up is, in part, inspired by the Court-records trials, although I have found that theirs are rather inactive. They are a bit of a challenge, but it's always fun. (:

I am thinking that each case will run two months or so, ideally, with a new case being introduced every month. When a new trial comes out, it will be in the announcements, with open parts and positions listed. Trials will be written by moderators or anyone who wants to helpfully contribute. The Judge account will essentially be a Game Master of sorts; it is the puppet of all the moderators, which will keep things going. A trial can be of a murder, a robbery, really anything. Although we do our best to be as PW-like as possible, we may have some darker topics than might otherwise be found in an E game.

Some of the positions that will be included are the defense, the prosecution, witnesses, defendants, and criminals, although other positions may be added. The defense and prosecution might be one character or several, with a team of lawyers (maybe a particular law office) on that particular side. Witnesses, defendants, and criminals will often be premade, but it is possible to have your character in a court case, especially if you ask BEFORE it is written. There will be perks for taking these premade and vital characters later on.

Once you're in a trial, you're in it until the case ends; you may not be in more than one trial at a time (although you can be in as many regular RPs as you want).

After all the roles have been taken, the Judge will let you know a little about what is going to happen and your role, any secrets your character might be hiding, where they can get evidence and what it will say, so on, and so forth. Then, they will simply be roleplayed like any other RP.

Trials need to move relatively quickly, so be prepared to post often, please. c:

Each "day" in the RP will have its own thread; they will also be marked as being 'investigation' days or trial days.

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