Character Rules

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Character Rules

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:05 pm

Creating a Character

Here are some important rules for your original character.

1. If your character is to have some sort of relationship with another character--a romantic relationship, a familial relationship, etc, then you should be letting them know. if it would be important to their character, though, you will need their permission.

2. We don't need a million carbon copies of canon characters. Do be original, pl0x.

3. It is much preferred that you roleplay your way into something rather than having it from the very beginning.

/update moar later

Claiming An Unclaimed Canon Character

So, you really have your heart set on a particular character. How can you go about claiming that character?

First, check to make sure that the character REALLY hasn't been claimed. See if they have any posts, drop them a PM, or, worst comes the worst, check with a moderator.

Second, post your name and your character's name in the "I want to claim" thread. If no one else posts for that character, proceed to the third step. If someone DOES, then you will have to do a competitive tryout.

Third, find the Canon Character sheet. Fill it out and then post it in the Character Tryouts forum, clearly labeled with your username and the name of character.

If your character is accepted, you will be notified and your tryout moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If not, you may have to alter your bio to fit the forum's requirements or try again.

You will be given access to the account after you are accepted.

Please note that if your character is considered a "main" character, you will HAVE to do a competitive tryout.

Creating an Original Character

So you have the coolest idea ever for a character.

Find the Original Character sheet in the Characters forum, and fill it out. Post it in a tryout thread clearly labeled with your username and your character's name. If your character is accepted, you will be notified and your tryout moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If not, you may have to alter your bio to fit the forum's requirements or try again.

You may change your username to the character's name after you have been accepted.

Competitive Tryouts

Please see the competitive tryout sticky in the Characters forum.

Putting a Character Up For Adoption

You have decided that you must part from your canon or original character. Teary-eyed, you create an adoption thread by doing the following.

First, you contact Edgeworth to tell her that you are surrendering your character. It's also polite to tell anyone that you're still roleplaying with.

Then, you create a thread. You re-post the current character bio and list the relationships that your character has with others (friends, family, romantic, whatevskis). You may ask anyone who is willing to adopt to fulfill certain requirements for you, like a roleplay sample. These requests must be reasonable. You cannot demand compensation for the characters of any sort, you can't ask people to do completely unreasonable things. You may do what is necessary to establish which user is most suitable for the character.

You may choose whoever you wish to give the character to. You do not have to surrender the character, but it is very rude to lead other people on with adoption. After you have chosen a new owner, you BOTH must PM an administrator.

If you have a friend that you want to give your character to, you may also do that, but you BOTH must PM the administrator.

Please note that surrendering a character involves turning over the account to avoid confusion. If your character is a "main", s/he may not be automatically given to a friend. The character will be given a new competitive tryout, run by the moderation team. If you would like a hand in the voting, let us know, and you may be a judge.

Adopting a Character

You may apply to adopt any character that has been placed up for adoption in the forums, or those that are offered to you by a friend. You must PM an administrator to facilitate account turnover. Please read the section before this for more information.

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