Competitive Tryouts

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Competitive Tryouts

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:38 pm

Competitive Tryouts

There are three scenarios in which a competitive tryout may be used.

1. The character up for claiming is a main character--this is to insure the flow of the roleplay.
2. More than one person wants the character.
3. The competitive tryout is run by an individual user who is adopting out their character. The moderators are not involved and you must use the rules of that user rather than the moderators' rules.

Your first post in a competitive tryout will include the following:

- The character sheet. If one has not been made, you should be making one individually. if the character has previously been roleplayed, use the old one and make updates as you see fit.
- A roleplaying or writing sample using that character.
- An "About me" questionnaire--see the example below.
- A random number from 1-10. This is in case the moderators really cannot decide, in which case they will generate a random number and give the character to the nearest guesser. This is a LAST RESORT.

After that, the "About me". It will usually constitute the following:

What is your name/nickname? -
How often are you online? -
About how often do you respond to your roleplays? -
Are you already a user of this site? -
If yes, which characters do you play? -
Do you have previous experience roleplaying or writing for this character?  (if possible, link) -
Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Statements? -

See? Easy. :3 If your moderator has no obvious preference, they may ask you to answer a relevant writing prompt (E.G, 'Miles goes to the beach. What does he do?' 'Godot decides to spruce up life in the prosecutors' office. What does he do?' Your response will be in character (so the response is not 'I think Godot would sex up Klavier,' but, rather, 'Godot enters the office like a stealth ninja and grabs Klavier. Laughing maniacally to himself, he drags the stunned novice prosecutor into a storage closet containing a water bed.' At this time, I'd like to inform the readers that no, I have never shipped this pairing in my life. it just happened.)

A deadline will either be set at the beginning of the competition or set when several users have posted. It should be no more than two weeks at any given time.

Good luck!

Miles Edgeworth

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