Competitive Tryout for Maya Fey

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Competitive Tryout for Maya Fey Empty Competitive Tryout for Maya Fey

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:28 pm

If you've read the Competitive Tryouts sticky, you should know what to do. (:

no deadline yet.

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Competitive Tryout for Maya Fey Empty Re: Competitive Tryout for Maya Fey

Post  Lje on Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:37 am

Ok, here I am! :3


Name: Maya Fey
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Job: Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long and black
Body Type: Thin, and not very tall
Mannerisms/Gestures: She puts her hand on her cheek when she's thinking, and tends to overreact when she's surprised. And she inflates her cheeks and scowls at people when she's pissed off, looking like a hamster. c:
Clothing and apparel: She always wears the same clothes, consisting of a lilac kimono and a purple ribbon. She also has a Magatama.
Other appearance: Oh, I dunno...well, she has two big purple pearls on her hair.


Fears: Losing her loved ones.
Wants: Finding a "special someone". I mean, she's 26 and still single, and she's supposed to continue the Fey clan :v
Likes: Her cousin Pearl, her friends, Kurain, he Steel Samurai, and burgers.
Dislikes: Annoying people, and those who think that spirit channeling is crap.
Goals: Being a good Master.
Flaws: She's pretty lazy, and she's often at home sleeping on a couch (or eating).
Secrets: She doesn't like being called Mystic Maya, as she thinks it's a bit formal.
Personality in general: Outgoing, usually cheerful and happy. Now, since she's older, she's also more reliable and less naive.


A summary of your character's canonical past: She was born in Kurain. Her father died and her mother disappeared when she was very young. Later, her sister Mia left the village to become a defense attorney. Some years later, she was charged with Mia's murder and defended by Phoenix. From then on, she was Phoenix's assistant and then came back to Kurain after her mother's death.
What has happened in the retconned timeline: Maya became the new Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, and usually stays in her village, however, she likes to visit Phoenix when she's free.
Information about character's family: Her mother and sister, Misty and Mia Fey, are dead. Her aunt is Morgan Fey, who tried to kill her in order to make Pearl, her cousin, the next Master. Iris and Dahlia Hawthorne are her cousins, too.
Best thing to ever happen to your character: Meeting Phoenix and being helped by him when no one else was by her side.
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: Misty's and Mia's death, being incarcerated and kidnapped.


Sexual orientation: Straight
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: No, not at the moment.
If so, is that love requited?: //


1: pufferfish
2: pig
3: pineapple

What is your name/nickname? - Lje ;D
How often are you online? - Almost everyday.
About how often do you respond to your roleplays? - Since I've never roleplayed before I have no idea. But I suppose that it depends on how often other people respond and how much it takes to my little brain to elaborate a proper response. Mad
Are you already a user of this site? - Uh no.
Do you have previous experience roleplaying or writing for this character? (if possible, link) - Nah, as I said this is my first roleplay...ever. c:
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Statements? - Er...hello D:! My number is 4.


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