[Gil] Miles Edgeworth, Attorney at Law

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[Gil] Miles Edgeworth, Attorney at Law

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M i l e s . E d g e w o r t h
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sound of the noose tightening around your own neck."

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Job: Chief Prosecutor


Eyes: Dark grey eyes with moderately long lashes. Edgeworth is slightly farsighted, which he does not acknowledge in the courtroom as part of his perfection facade.
Hair: Edgeworth's hair is long and black, although it is a bit dull and can often be mistaken for a very deep grey.
Body Type: Miles is tall and muscular, with a toned body that he takes quite a bit of pride in. He has broad shoulders but is otherwise rather lean.
Mannerisms/Gestures: Many of Edgeworth's mannerisms are very similar to those of his mentor. He often waggles his finger while lecturing, and will bow when he's putting on a smug show for the sake of the courtroom. When he feels insecure or distressed, though, he tends to "hold himself" by gripping one arm and looking down.
Clothing and apparel: Edgeworth wears dress clothes nearly all the time, and it is uncommon to see him dressed down much more than removing his outer jacket. He wears a magenta suit much of the time, over a white dress shirt and black vest, with his beloved cravat ("ruffles" to most of the other members of the cast). He wears a watch and carries a briefcase.
Other appearance: Edgeworth has an angular chin and very pale skin. He tends to carry himself with a very elegant air, but comes off as distant and cold to those who don't know him.


Fears: Elevators, earthquakes, emotional vulnerability, imperfection
Wants: Some sort of meaningful emotional connection, to be "perfect"
Likes: The Steel Samurai, Pess, winning, art, staying in shape
Dislikes: Not being taken seriously, being defeated
Goals: Miles has been at a crossroads with his life since Phoenix Wright came back and defeated him, and his discovered that his mentor was a murderer.
Flaws: He tends to push people away and emulate his mentor too much. He's emotionally distant and disconnects from his own feels much of the time.
Secrets: Miles' secrets have, for the most part, come above ground at some point or another. As a child, he blamed himself for the death of his parents. He is also halfway in the closet. He secretly loves the Steel Samurai. Most of the way he lived in Germany is a secret to those around him.
Frustrations: Miles is frustrated with lazy people who don't strive, and people who get what they want with minimal effort. He also is frustrated with the legal system and its tendency to convict the innocent and free the guilty, a position that evolved after his time in the game.
How does your character react in extreme circumstances?: Miles is used to handling himself in horrible situations and tends to shut down from his emotions even more so he can just cope. Miles tends to withdraw within himself and try to avoid anyone that could actually help him.
How does your character regard themselves?: Miles is not especially fond of himself, the result of a von Karma upbringing, and sees his shortcomings very clearly, but also views
What is your character's personal philosophy?:
Personality in general:


A summary of your character's canonical past: Miles was the son of prestigious defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth, and dreamed of following in his father's footsteps. As a child, he shared a fourth grade class with Phoenix Wright and Larry Butz, and defended Phoenix when he was falsely accused. Shortly after, Miles visited the courthouse to watch his father in trial and the city suffered an earthquake, trapping himself, his father, and an unrelated court bailiff inside. As air ran out, the elevator's prisoners began to argue, and Miles passed out. Gregory wound up being killed inside that elevator, but, Miles, who had suffered memory loss as a result of oxygen deprival, could not indicate exactly what occurred. Six months later, infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma gave the boy a home as his student in Germany and raised him to become a ruthless state's attorney like himself. Miles became a prosecutor at the young age of 20, and his first case was against Mia Fey, but it ended prematurely, as the defendant died. He prosecuted Joe Darke when he was twenty-two, but was given faulty evidence, resulting in rumors of evidence tampering and deception. He was accused of killing Robert Hammond in 2016, was acquitted, and then requested to be tried for the murder of his own father after having recurring dreams of firing the killing gun. It was soon revealed that it was in fact his mentor who killed his father. Several months later, Edgeworth left a mysterious note that implied that he had committed suicide, coming back a year later. He left to travel abroad again but has returned to Los Angeles several times.

What has happened in the retconned timeline: Edgeworth went abroad for several years and prosecuted in France and Germany before returning to prosecute in Los Angeles three years ago. He has since taken the position of Chief Prosecutor.

How your character's history affects their personality: Von Karma's raising has left Edgeworth distant and unsure of how to have fun. His childhood having been cut off at a young age, he still indulges in a few childish pleasures, like the Steel Samurai. Miles doesn't like showing his weaknesses and has trouble expressing his emotions to others.

Information about character's family: Miles has no remaining family left following the death of his father. He doesn't recall much of his mother, and Gregory never spoke of her, but he knows that she is dead. He lives by himself with his dog, Pess.

Best thing to ever happen to your character: Befriending Phoenix Wright and Larry Butz.

Worst thing to ever happen to your character: The death of his father and the subsequent resulting events.


Sexual orientation: Gay
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: He has had a long-standing attraction that he has never acted on, but it is not in love.
If so, is that love requited?: Undetermined
Hobbies: Watching the Steel Samurai and indulging in its paraphernalia, working out and exercising, walking and jogging with Pess, reading, doing his work
Political leanings: Miles is an independent centrist. He tends to be conservative regarding economic issues and the federal government, but more liberal as regards social issues.

e; this character sheet has extra information because I based the first sheet off of what I would use to develop a book character. However, not as much information is necessary, and I felt more like I was making my little doggies jump through hoops than actually trying to do something beneficial for the roleplay. So, I removed it.

Miles Edgeworth

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