A brief summary of the retcon timeline. Under construction.

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A brief summary of the retcon timeline. Under construction.

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:01 am

Phoenix Wright, although given a false piece of evidence, was not disbarred, although severely reprimanded, following in the tradition of lawyers like Miles Edgeworth who had presented false evidence unknowingly in the past. He still adopts Trucy Enigmar after the disappearance of her father in the court trial. He remains a successful defense attorney.

The roleplay takes place in 2025, a year before the events of Apollo Justice and six years after Phoenix presented the false evidence. This is also nine years after the events of Ace Attorney.

Capital punishment is much more uncommon and a slower process, which means that many of the criminals convicted during the series are still waiting in the detention center.

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