Claiming Regina Berry!

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Claiming Regina Berry!

Post  Pearl Fey on Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:58 am

Hi, it's me again! Denerop / Pearl Fey, and i'm making another try-out for another favourite character of mine, yay!


Name: Regina
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Job: Animal tamer at the Berry Big Circus.


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Body Type: Normal length, thin.
Mannerisms/Gestures: She playes with her hair whenever she gets nervous, and she'll hold her staff tight when she's scared. When she's happy she'll sparkle.
Clothing and apparel: She's actually always wearing her stage costume and her little crown.

Other appearance: She'll never leave without her staff.


Fears: and she's afraid of pirates and aliens. She's always crying if she's watching a movie with pirates or aliens.
Wants: She wants the Berry Big Circus to be famous.
Likes: Regent, cute things, clothing and stars.
Dislikes: Fighting, thinking about hard things and mean people.
Goals: Become a great animal tamer, figuring out who will be her real boyfriend.
Flaws: She is very naive and she's still living in her own little world, even after Max's trial ended.
Secrets: Regina doesn't really have secrets for other people.
Personality in general: She's a sweet, naive, innocent and happy girl. She don't know very much about reality as she didn't go to school and was raised in the circus.


A summary of your character's canonical past: Regina was raised in the circus by her father Russel Berry. Bat, an acrobat, tried to get Regina's attention. They were always playing tricks on each other. One day, Regina covered Bat's scarf with pepper because she wanted him to sneeze. Bat wanted to impress Regina and stuck his head in Léon the lion's mouth. Due the pepper, Léon sneezed and Bat remained in a coma. Regina always tought he would wake up soon.
Later, she received a letter from Acro. She didn't know it was for her so she left it. Her father found it and followed it's instructions and ended up being killed. Max was charged with the murder.
At the last day of his trial, Moe told Regina to watch. There she found out that Acro intended to kill her.
What has happened in the retconned timeline: Regina forgot what happened after a while, but sometimes the memories come back to her. Regina Max Moe and Ben re-opened the circus. There are still open spaces, but it runs well. Regina never made her mind about who she'd marry.
Information about character's family: Regina's father Russel got killed. She considers the rest of the circus her family.
Best thing to ever happen to your character: Getting Regent, becoming an animal tamer in the circus.
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: Bat's accident, figuring out Acro intended to kill her.


Sexual orientation: Straight
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: Kind of, she can't decide wheter to go with Max or Trilo.
If so, is that love requited?: Yes.
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Re: Claiming Regina Berry!

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:38 am

Accepted. <3 The password is now the same one I messaged you before. if you don't remember, PM me here or on CR.

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