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Post  Kween on Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:46 pm


Name: Legally, her name is Iris Hawthorne, but she just goes by "Iris" or "Sister Iris."
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Job: Shrine Maiden


Hair: Black
Body Type: Petite and short. Age has given her some padding 'round the thighs, but she's still slender.
Mannerisms/Gestures: Iris was never one to display extreme emotion, but upon returning from prison, she had become mostly stoic. Nowadays, it takes a lot to make her blush or cry. She still smiles while speaking to someone out of politeness, but sincere smiles have become few and far between.
Clothing and apparel: She wears her pink and purple Hazakurain shrine maiden uniform, which blessedly still fits. She has taken to pulling her long black hair into a single braid, but her hair is usually covered by her white hood.
Other appearance: Heart shaped face; Eurasian (mother was of Japanese decent, father was White). Prison has given her a somewhat haggard appearance, but she is still hauntingly beautiful.
Personality Iris is prone to holding onto guilt, so when people treat her baldy, she tends to just quietly take it. Although she has become more serious over the years, she still has a whimsical side that comes out when she's alone. She's kind, and even though she's not nearly as trusting as she was before, she still sees the good in all people. She's stoic, seeming at times almost cold, but she is constantly polite. She doesn't like to burden people with her problems, so she keeps her feelings to herself.

Intimacy and being unforgiven are pretty high up on the list.
Wants: She wants to be useful to the Master, and she wants to be a good "daughter" to Sister Bikini.
Likes: Children, gardening, hiking, riding on the snowmobile, and generally being outdoors. Her secret guilty pleasure is dime store romance novels.
Dislikes: The dark, spirit channeling, spooky stuff.
Goals: She is loyal to the Master, so her goal is to help her in anyway she can. She has no other goals at this time.
Flaws: Her greatest flaw is her passiveness, and her tendency to bottle things up. In the past she was obedient and loyal to a fault, causing her judgment to be clouded. She may think that she had learned from her mistakes, but old habits die hard. Her loyalty lies with the Master and she will do whatever the Master wishes. Whether or not this is a virtue or a weakness is yet to be determined.
Secrets: She has endured traumas in prison that she prefers not to speak about.
Frustrations: She wishes that she was better at expressing her true feelings.
How does your character react in extreme circumstances?: She follows the orders of others without question, going on "autopilot." If she's by herself, she goes into a sort of "shock."
How does your character regard themselves?: Iris usually thinks of herself as weak in the sense that she lets fear keep her from actively pursuing her desires. However, she has endured hardship and survived, and she acknowledges that as a strength.
What is your character's personal philosophy?: "How much you are worth as a person depends on how useful you are to others." This philosophy only applies to herself: she doesn't have a problem with other people goofing off, oddly enough.
Personality in general: Kind and polite, but she hides emotion.


A summary of your character's canonical past: Iris has little memory of her life before Hazakurain, but the earliest years of her life were spent at Kurain with her twin sister Dahlia and her parents. She has vague memories of Dahlia but not of her parents. After she was left at Hazakurain with Sister Bikini, Iris and Dahlia would keep in touch via letters. Iris was Dahlia's secret keeper, and at the age of 14, her co-conspirator. She was supposed to help Dahlia steal a jewel from her father, but fearing the consequences, she never showed up. However, she did save Dahlia after she washed up on the shore of Eagle River (which runs through Hazakurain property). Even though Iris didn't turn her in, Dahlia never forgave her for backing out of the plan and broke all contact with her... until five years later, when she was in trouble again. Wracked with the guilt of betraying her sister, Iris jumped at the opportunity to help her. Dahlia was under suspicion of poisoning, and she needed to get her necklace back from one Phoenix Wright. Iris suggested that she pose as Dahlia so that she could pretend to date Phoenix Wright and retrieve the necklace. Phoenix believed that the the necklace was a love-gift from Dahlia, and he refused to give it back. Iris, not knowing how to be assertive, decided to bide her time and gently persuade him... it never worked. After six months, she had fallen for him. However, her loyalty was first and foremost with her sister: she could not tell Phoenix the truth. Naturally, Dahlia became impatient, and fearing that the authorities would get their hands on that vital piece of evidence, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Without telling Iris, she poisoned his cold medicine. Had Iris known what Dahlia was up to, she would have done anything to stop her. However, the fact still remained that she was a failure to her sister and a liar to the man she loved. Even though she detested things like spirit channeling, she retreated back to Hazakurain to pursue her own form of penance. She ultimately ended up conspiring with Godot to take the fall for the murder of Elise Deauxnim. Through the combined efforts of Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright, she was found not guilty of murder. However, she still had some crimes to pay for: she served seven years in prison. At the conclusion of her sentence, she returned to Hazakurain, where she now resides.
How your character's history affects their personality: Her trust is more difficult to win, and she has a lot of trouble getting close to people. The only thing that keeps her from being jaded is the fact that she feels like she deserved everything she went through.
Information about character's family: Her mother figure, Sister Bikini, was always jovial and very kind. She always loved her sister Dahlia, but she was always easily manipulated by her. She never really knew her mother and father, but she knows that they were bad people (she blames them for warping Dahlia's mind). She is loyal to her cousin Maya. She loves her sister Pearl, and she regrets never being able to establish a sisterly bond with her.
Best thing to ever happen to your character: It's a tie between being left in the care of Sister Bikini and knowing Phoenix Wright.
Worst thing to ever happen to your character: Certain things that happened to her in prison.
What past interactions has your character had with canon characters?: "Daughter" to Sister Bikini, former(?) love interest of Larry Butz, former girlfriend to Phoenix Wright, former defendant to Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright, cousin to Maya, sister to Pearl, sister and co-conspirator to Dahlia, co-conspirator to Godot. She got to know several canon female characters in prison: some were friendly, but most weren't.


Sexual orientation: Straight, but almost asexual. Her "straightness" is more a case of the person she loves happening to be a man. She practices celibacy for the time being.
Single or taken?: Single
Is your character in love?: "In love" is really the wrong way of saying it. There is someone who she loves very dearly, but it is not the kind of silly infatuation that one experiences in youth. She loves him more than she loves herself, and above all else, she wants him to be happy.
If so, is that love requited?: Perhaps. It is possible that he still loves her, if not in a "romantic" way. At any rate, they are not currently in a relationship.


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Post  Kween on Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:22 pm


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Post  Miles Edgeworth on Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:55 pm

You did a really great job of interpreting her character. c: Accepted!
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