FAQ - read me before asking!

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FAQ - read me before asking!

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:48 pm


Is there any way to get a character who already has a player?
You could see if that player really wants the character, but if they do, then you'll just have to RP a different character.

Who plays the Judge?
The Judge is a joint account for all the moderators.

My roleplay partner gave up their character. What do I do?
Ideally, the new roleplayer will maintain all established relationships with others. You should drop them a message and see if they would like to pick up from where you left off.

Is there a limit on how many characters you can have?
Nope, just as many as you can handle, although you are limited to one main character. However, to be fair and allow everyone a chance, we may discourage you from taking too many canon characters.

Can I bring a character back from the dead?
If you can make a convincing argument/it won't massively affect any of the other characters, go ahead.

Can I play a character from another series?
Only if that character won't mess up the continuity of the forum/wrap the whole plot around themselves. They shouldn't have any elements that can't be found in the PW universe--so, Optimus Prime, Superman, and Voldemort have to stay home, sorry. If the character can participate without fucking everything up, then, yeah, go ahead.


Is there any way to read old trials?
Old trials will be archived and you can read 'em as much as you want.

Can I make a trial for you?
YES, YES, AND YES! Just please understand that it may be edited and changed for clarity's sake. Nothing personal. (:

Do I have to participate in trials to be an attorney?
Nope! 8D It IS awfully fun, though, and you can earn reputation points for participating.

more FAQ as we see how trials will work


Do I really have to start a new thread every time time passes?
We would strongly prefer it. c:

If two or more of my characters are in a roleplay, do I have to log in and out and make multiple posts?
No, not unless you want to.

What are reputation points?
Reputation points are given to the cool kids. The kids who are active, answer questions from newbies, and participate nicely in the trials get reputation points. These reputation points can help you get rewards later on.

Where can I see reputation points?
They are currently being kept track of here.

How do I figure out who I want to roleplay with?
You ask, silly! Talk to them in the chatbox or the Roleplay Chat, maybe drop them a PM, and figure out what you two might want to do.

The site

Who runs the site?
The "owner" is Gil, whose main account is "Miles Edgeworth".

How do I change my signature?
Profile -> Signature

How do I stop the site from sending me emails?
Profile -> Preferences; there are several boxes that must be checked to 'no'.

Can we only use BBCode?
No. I am hesitantly allowing HTML as well, but this will be removed if it is abused.

Who are the moderators?
Currently, the only mod is Gil/Miles Edgeworth.


Is there any quick way to see all of the rules and guidelines at once? Kinda like a library?
You're welcome!

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