List of "main" characters

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List of "main" characters

Post  Miles Edgeworth on Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:41 pm

These are the characters who are regarded as being 'main characters':

- Phoenix Wright
- Miles Edgeworth
- Maya Fey
- Dick Gumshoe
- Ema Skye
- Godot
- Klavier Gavin
- Apollo Justice
- Trucy Wright
(this list may be updated at any time)

There are a few policies regarding main characters:

- They may only be obtained through competitive tryout. If you need to give up a main character, they go back to the moderators to find a new player, although you may elect to be allowed one vote regarding who receives the character, as well as input.
- You may only play ONE main character at a time.
(may be updated eventually)

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